We all want to do work we love, and as leaders, entrepreneurs and employees, wouldn’t it be great to create workplaces where work feels like play?

Where people are tuned in to changes going on in the world around them? Where they’re constantly learning, spotting new opportunities, and taking action to go after them? These traits are essential to an organization’s agility and success.

In the Fearless Growth podcast, Amanda Setili and her guests explore the mindsets and choices that lead individuals, leaders and their organizations to outstanding performance.

Episodes of the Fearless Growth® Podcast

Colleen Francis, The Sales Revolution

Dorie Clark, Play the Long Game

Neil Hoyne, What Makes Google Culture Special?

Blanchard Conley, The World is in Need of a New Model of Leadership

Neil Hoyne, On Using Data to Win Customers’ Hearts

Roberta Matuson, on Difficult Conversations

Radhika Dutt, Author of “Radical Product Thinking”

“Unfear” with Gaurav Bhatnagar and Mark Minukas

Seth Kahan, founder and CEO of Visionary Leadership

Moira Vetter, lifelong entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Modo Modo agency

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