The Agility Advantage

by Amanda Setili

Amanda Setili’s book provides practical techniques and insightful examples to guide companies in becoming more agile. Haier is a large, global company, but it is also an innovation platform for multiple agile, small companies. I highly recommend The Agility Advantage to any CEO or leader who seeks to quickly and effectively respond to fast-changing markets throughout the world.

Zhang Ruimin

CEO, Haier


In the past, companies could pick a strategy and stick with it, maintaining a competitive edge for years.
But today, companies surge ahead, fall behind, or even disappear in mere months. If you and your company are going to thrive for the long run, you need to continuously evolve, change, and stay a step ahead of your competition.

The future will present more opportunities but narrower windows to capture them. With a wealth of valuable information and practical strategies, The Agility Advantage is essential reading to help any organization adapt and thrive—both today and tomorrow.

Velocity is our primary competitive advantage at The Weather Company, especially as user-generated content, social media, business partnerships, and data innovation become more critical to our success. Amanda Setili’s study of agility, and how it leads to faster knowledge, decisions, and actions, helps us—and any company—identify the potential game-changers in our industry and move quickly in new directions.

David Kenny

Chairman and CEO,
The Weather Company and cofounder, Digitas

Amanda Setili provides invaluable insight for those eager to thrive in the modern business environment. In our world where change is inevitable, Setili’s book teaches us to use this change to our advantage. This should be required reading for anyone attempting to keep up with – and become – the best in the industry. The only way to stay in front is to be the most agile.

Dorie Clark

Author, The Long Game and Entrepreneurial You

Kabbage disrupts financial services by leveraging big data to serve customers that traditional banks cannot. We’ve recently started partnering with the very institutions we sought to disrupt. When I first heard about Amanda Setili’s book, I figured it would be the ammunition I needed to convince larger companies to quickly deploy our platform so that they can effectively serve small businesses throughout the world. However, not only have these strategies helped in advancing our activities with partners, we’ve also been able to capitalize on them to accelerate our own growth and effectiveness. The Agility Advantage is remarkable.

Rob Frohwein

CEO, Kabbage

With The Agility Advantage, Amanda Setili provides a practical guide for how any organization—large or small, high tech or no-tech, local or global—can read the winds of change and jump on new opportunities as they emerge. The Agility Advantage is a critical read and should be added to your business book collection this year.

Hala Moddelmog

President and CEO Metro Atlanta Chamber
and former President, Arby’s

With constant changes to technology and customer expectations, I have not yet found an industry that reinvents itself as quickly as wireless. This pace of change calls for true agility, and AT&T puts agility in action by staying flexible, looking for innovation from any source, and acting quickly on new ideas. The Agility Advantage is a must-read for companies that want to become more agile.

Glenn Lurie

CEO, AT&T Mobility

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