Retailer at a Turning Point

The Challenge:

A Fortune 50 retailer sought a plan to improve performance. Over the prior five years, stock price had stagnated as sales growth slowed, lagging behind the client’s biggest competitor. Customer service and store environment, formerly industry-leading, had slipped, contributing to market share loss.

The Results:

Client shifted focus to reinvest in store environment, customer service, employee morale and supply chain.

  • Invested over $2 billion over the course of a year in their 2,000 stores, doubling spending on maintenance and increasing store staffing levels, even at the expense of short-term results. Brought in more store associates with specialized skills.
  • Streamlined store manager metrics from 35 to 8 measures to allow greater focus on improving service, morale and inventory management.
  • Implemented customer service incentives for their 350,000 associates. Voice of the Customer survey scores increased on all metrics and associate attrition declined.
  • Committed to multi-year investment in the supply chain and inventory management.
  • Divested non-core business to refocus on retail.
  • Client pulled ahead and stayed ahead of competition on “comparable store sales growth” and stock price growth.

Setili & Associates brought new insight … They were critical in helping us define five key strategic priorities to become more successful long term. We started seeing an impact on the stores right away.

Brandon Hayes

Manager, Strategic Bus. Development

How We Did It:

Worked with internal team to identify and evaluate strategic options, assessing the investment required and likely impact on short-term and long-term results.

  • Identified top customer satisfaction drivers via market research.
  • Assessed competitor capabilities and strategy.
  • Benchmarked vs. other retailers to identify strategic options and to identify elements of successful turnarounds.
  • Assessed store performance metrics and interviewed store managers to identify highest-impact actions.
  • Prioritized store maintenance and renovation needs

Putting an Airline on a Success Trajectory

The Challenge:

Create improved customer experience in an environment of intense competition and deep cost cutting.

The Result:

Improved the customer experience via upgraded aircraft interiors, new in-flight entertainment systems and check-in technology, simplified pricing, new metrics and more.

Client improved on-time performance from nearly the worst to close to the best among the top 20 carriers, and achieved #1 J.D. Power ranking for flight crew service, and number two for overall service.

These improvements were made even while reducing cost to the lowest of all network carriers and dramatically reducing both headcount and payroll costs per employee.

Amanda and her team understand the importance of engaging team members and key stakeholders at the outset of any project…Client team members feel valued.  As a result, Setili & Associates can ask the tough questions and push the envelope in a healthy and positive way.

Robyn Klein

General Manager, International & Premium Products

How We Did It:

Setili & Associates provided coaching, analysis and project leadership, working hands-on with executives across multiple operational units to implement improvements and to build employee commitment.

Charting a Course to Improved Profitability

The Challenge:

Improve company profitability by gaining management team alignment around a set of actions.

The Results:

  • Client improved from $100 million net loss to $45 million net income
  • Streamlined the business, shedding poor-performing and non-core assets
  • Shifted focus to those businesses where client could attain a long term competitive advantage. Launched new, differentiated products and invested in equipment upgrades.
  • Consolidated two divisions under one strong manager and reduced SG&A by eliminating low-value activities

Setili & Associates brought a new perspective to our business, and didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear. They gave us a process to engage the management team in tough discussions, and to hammer out a plan for moving forward.

Ron Domanico


What We Did:

  • Interviewed senior executives to determine where the greatest leverage points were for improving performance. Assessed competitor positioning and organizational structure
  • Planned and facilitated a series of meetings and exercises to
  • Agree on current and future sources of competitive differentiation and a plan to close the gap
  • Identify those businesses and technologies to invest in, and those to exit
  • Discuss options for restructuring the organization to improve effectiveness and reduce cost

Nonprofit at a Crossroad

The Challenge:

An operating group within a major nonprofit had developed a large negative cash flow and a need for additional capital. There was little agreement on the causes or extent of the problem, or what strategic alternatives existed. The organization sought advice on how their mission, management, operations and governance structure might need to change to achieve the desired financial and non-financial outcomes.

The Result:

  • We developed a clear view of the causes and magnitude of the problem, likely future results, and potential alternatives to the current strategy.
  • The leaders agreed to pursue a major change in direction.
  • The organization began discussions with a potential alliance partner.
  • New sources of funding were secured.
  • Because stakeholders were included in the process, acceptance of the new direction was high.

Setili & Associates expertly guided us in making a complex and important decision, which impacted diverse constituencies in our organization of 900 churches and over 350,000 members, and had been troubling us for years.  By crisply defining the alternatives, gathering stakeholder input, and assessing financial dimensions and risks, they were able to quickly develop consensus on the best course of action. We appreciated their exceptional creativity, judgment and insight.

Mike Watson

Bishop, North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church

How We Did It:

  • Assessed current performance on multiple metrics, including cost and revenue per user, financial returns, utilization, and impact.Interviewed representatives of each stakeholder group, including funding sources, the board, potential alliance partners, operating managers and users toUnderstand the appeal of the current mission, and how that mission could be altered to be more compelling and higher impact.
  • Identify and evaluate alternative strategies, which included changes in the target market, programming, pricing, and facilities.
  • Recognize and address likely hurdles and roadblocks.
  • Benchmarked with leading organizations in other geographies.
  • Projected required investment, risk, financial and mission-related outcomes under alternative scenarios.
  • Facilitated a series of meetings to gain agreement on a path forward.

Improving Margins and Share in the Commercial Building Products Market

The Challenge:

Increase margins and market share for building products manufacturer. Large differences in market share between geographic markets indicated an opportunity to improve performance if clear best practices could be identified and implemented within the $1 billion independent sales agency channel.

The Results:

Margins increased 23% company-wide, despite significant raw material cost increases and a weak commercial construction market. Enhanced sales management effectiveness in coaching and managing independent sales agents. Increased market share.

Our experience in working with Setili and Associates allowed us to look at our business in ways we had not previously considered. Windows were opened, ideas were generated, discoveries were made, our people were challenged, and we became a better organization.

Chuck Meteer


How We Did It:

Identified key actions to improve performance through interviews, observations and quantitative analysis. Implemented full-time team to roll out nationwide.

Coaching: Positioning a New Leader for Success

The Challenge:

The new leader of a major operating division, responsible for 14,000 customer-facing employees, sought Setili & Associates' advice to better align her team for success. The business environment was very challenging, with new competitors and cut-backs in the supervisor ranks. Customer service performance was near the bottom of the industry and there was a real threat of unionization.


  • 50% reduction in customer complaints year over year and #1 J.D. Power ranking for service
  • Increased efficiency, resulting in 10% cost reduction vs. prior year
  • All direct reports either promoted or given new growth assignment in another operating department
  • Became one of only two departments, company wide, to meet or exceed all goals including operational, financial, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction

Setili & Associates helped us get to the heart of, and resolve, misconnects within the team. As a result, we sharpened our focus and moved faster on key initiatives.

Paulette Corbin

SVP In-Flight Services

How We Did It:

After in-depth dialogue with direct reports and geographical leaders, Setili & Associates helped the new leader establish:

  • A compelling vision
  • Dashboard metrics spanning safety, cost, customer service, morale and efficiency
  • A new management style stressing candor, strong action, focus and discipline
  • A leadership development plan
  • A frank understanding of where performance was falling short, and clear plan for meeting goals

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