Insights on our biggest strategic issues

“Amanda Setili is a fantastic thought partner. We engaged her when our company and industry were in the midst of fast change. She came up to speed quickly, did objective research, and provided excellent insights and advice on some of our biggest strategic issues. She brought fresh energy and ideas, and was great to work with.”

Joe George

Senior Vice President
Cox Automotive

Helped us get ahead of the market

“Amanda was very helpful in helping us go past the easy low hanging fruit, to identify and focus on the opportunities that will take us ahead of the market, and ahead of competition.”

Jerome Roberts

Vice President, Global Innovation

A huge win-win

“Setili & Associates helped us move very quickly to crystallize where we wanted to go as a division. They asked very focused questions, and tested our assumptions. They helped us get alignment on a new strategic direction in a very short amount of time, building on customer and market knowledge we already had. It was a huge win-win.”

Todd Lesher

EVP and GM, Ecommerce Banking Services Division
Fiserv, Inc.

The benefits lasted long after the engagement ended

“At the end of any consulting assignment, you ask yourself if you’re satisfied with the return on investment. With Setili & Associates, I felt we got many times more value than what we paid. They knew how to get the most out of our team, and engaged managers from across the company, including customer-facing employees. As a result, the benefits lasted long after the engagement ended.”

Patrice Miles

VP Consumer Marketing
Delta Air Lines

Delivers dollars on the bottom line

“The value of a consultant is one that delivers dollars on the bottom line, not just a plan on paper. Setili & Associates was very efficient, and gave us the tools so that we could do the work, instead of doing the work for us. Amanda brought a new perspective to our business, and didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear. She gave us a process to engage the management team in tough discussions, and to hammer out a plan for moving forward.”

Ron Domanico

Caraustar Industries, Inc.


“Setili & Associates was instrumental in helping me integrate and simplify multiple initiatives when I was promoted to a new position. We quickly designed a framework that strongly resonated with other top managers, As a result, I got the right team in place, and garnered necessary support from the field and other corporate functions.”

Deana Bishop

VP, Space and Execution Leadership
Coca-Cola Enterprises


The work is terrific

“Setili & Associates made recommendations to improve our organization’s effectiveness, and took our team through a process toward agreement on a specific action plan. We are now better positioned to drive our department’s performance in support of business goals. The work was terrific and we all appreciated the effort and the actionable items that came from it.”

John Ehrie, Vice President, International Finance

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

A path for transformation

“We engaged Amanda Setili to help put our company on a path for transformation. Revenue growth was stalled because our primary customer base was shrinking, and we were increasingly competing on price. We had all the markers of a declining commodity business. With Amanda’s guidance, the team developed an action plan and kicked into high gear making change happen. We expanded geographically, sped up our processes for acquiring and serving customers, and incorporated new technologies into our offerings. We attracted high-profile customers who wanted to collaborate with us to create something truly ground-breaking. They valued our distinctive capabilities, speed and responsiveness. Amanda’s help at a critical juncture was instrumental in generating these outstanding results — we doubled revenues over the space of two and half years, and substantially increased profit margins.”

John Boll, CEO

Harbor Industries

Comprehensive insight

“Setili & Associates provided comprehensive insight to a thorny organizational development issue, guiding our team to resolve the most controversial items and to develop a solid action plan. While casting a wide net for inputs, Amanda provided the perspective to recognize and reduce the biases that participants may unknowingly inject into the discussion. She is extremely thorough, conveys an appropriate sense of urgency, and is comfortable and articulate bridging multiple organizational layers, including the executive suite.”

Steve Necessary, VP, Video Strategy and Product Management

Cox Communications


I couldn’t be happier with the results

“I see Setili & Associates as a targeted, stealth strategy organization that can be used quickly and efficiently. With Amanda personally engaged on projects, you can count on intense personal focus and her dedication to delivering against expectations. Amanda is very good at focusing on the critical path, drilling down, and asking why. She looks at the whole picture: the financial side, the strategic side and the operational side. She’s quick — she gets to the right people in the organization to research the issues, brings in market and competitor insight and helps you make the best decisions possible.”

“The Home Depot has over 2000 stores and 300,000 associates, so while the right strategy is essential, it’s also crucial to look at how any proposed program would be implemented, and whether it’s even doable. Importantly, she filters her conclusions through the ‘practicality of execution/implementation’ screen so that you aren’t left with a great idea that can just never get executed.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the results that I’ve obtained from their work for us.”

Dwaine Kimmet, SVP, Financial Services

The Home Depot

Tough minded at getting at the truth, and the interpersonal skills to get agreement

“We hired Setili & Associates to work with a company I had invested in that was underperforming. Amanda and her team did a fantastic job. I was impressed at their superior intellect, and how quickly they came up to speed on our technology, studied the competitive landscape and evaluated how our technology could be used in an alternative market and application.”

“They went beyond the project’s original scope, and did what needed to be done. They looked at the defensibility of our patents. They used their connections to get us meetings with companies that could potentially license our technology. A lot of smart people can analyze things. Amanda’s stellar attribute is that she finds the truth — the right business answer. I can’t emphasize how important that is. A consultant can be swayed by what their client wants to answer to be.”

“It would have been easy for Setili & Associates to just give us the answer we wanted to hear, but they were tough-minded at figuring out what the truth was, and had the interpersonal skills to help us get agreement. That was invaluable.”

Fred Burke, CEO

Guardian Pharmacy

Increased strategic alignment, trust and sense of urgency

“Amanda Setili worked with me and my management team to create a strategic roadmap at a critical juncture for our company. She led us through a process to jointly set goals and establish accountability. As a result, we increased trust, transparency, and the sense of urgency. The Colonial team is now aligned around a clear set of priorities to ensure future operational excellence, profitability, and growth.”

Joe Blount, CEO

Colonial Pipeline


“Whether providing strategic advice or in-depth analysis, Amanda Setili and her team have been invaluable, on a number of high-value projects.”

“Amanda is able to cut through the ambiguity to recommend clear, workable solutions to the strategic issues we face, and she’s been instrumental in helping us roll out a comprehensive strategy execution plan.”

“She articulates complex strategic concepts in practical, easy-to-understand ways that people can latch on to and run with. As a result, we’ve successfully mobilized the organization to move fast to achieve our strategic goals.”

Brian Caldarelli, CFO


A Bold New Vision

“We engaged Amanda Setili to help us achieve a bold new vision for our Heidelberg US consumables team. She was very effective in helping us develop a clear strategy with specific action items, tight short-term goals and review cycles. As a result of her work with us our teamwork improved immensely. We moved very quickly to increase margins, acquire new customers, and introduce an adjusted business model and go to market approach. The team was also able to transfer the learnings from working with her to other aspects of our business.”

Thomas Topp, Senior Vice President Consumables and CFO

Heidelberg USA, Inc.

Drives shareholder value across the whole business

“I would recommend Setili & Associates if you’re trying to solve a larger systematic problem, and you want to drive clarity and speed, when the scope is complex. Amanda was stellar at laying out the building blocks of how we would get to the final answer.”

“She’s a very strong strategic thought partner who has a lot of knowledge in many different areas. She looks at the whole business to drive shareholder value, and is personally involved in every aspect of the project. You get her from start to finish.”

Jeff Fleck, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Zep Inc.

Quickly and efficiently aligns functions around a common goal

“Amanda is very good at synthesizing ideas, and getting people behind those ideas to achieve a goal. Especially if it’s a broad problem, that cuts across a broad set of functions, like legal, technology, and sales and marketing. She cuts through the ambiguity to get to a common goal, and to find a way to solve for that goal. She’s tenacious, and works quickly and efficiently. She doesn’t try to do your job, she says ‘how can we work together to come up with an answer?'”

Michael Koukounas, SVP, Analytics


The perfect combination

“Setili & Associates provided the perfect combination of experience, industry knowledge, best practice theory and practical implementation. More importantly, they took the time and resources to understand our situation and work with our team to identify and capitalize on specific opportunities.”

Mike Keough, CEO

Caraustar Industries, Inc.

A valuable strategic approach

“Setili & Associates helped us to develop a strategy for our business technology solutions product portfolio. They worked with us to understand the evolving needs of our key customer segments. As a result, we focused technology development and marketing resources on features that mattered most to our customers. Setili & Associates brought a valuable strategic approach, which helped grow the skills of the customer technology marketing team.”

Rakesh Sapra, Director of Interactive Marketing

United Parcel Services

Setili & Associates helped us look at our business in ways we had not considered

“Our experience in working with Setili and Associates allowed us to look at our business in ways we had not previously considered. Windows were opened, ideas were generated, discoveries were made, our people were challenged, and we became a better organization.”

Chuck Meteer, VP, Commercial and Industrial Sales

Lithonia Lighting


“Setili & Associates organized and delivered a product offering that we believe will be transformational for our firm. They helped us to push up the price value equation and ultimately to compete for bigger and more profitable transactions. Amanda’s ability to orchestrate a process such that the senior management team felt the answer was their own was just incredible.”

Rich D’Amaro, CEO

Tatum, LLC

Setili & Associates drove high performance…we moved faster on key initiatives

“Setili & Associates had astute insights into our business; they influenced and advised effectively at multiple levels in the organization, and on multiple fronts, to drive high performance. They also helped us get to the heart of, and resolve, misconnects within the team. As a result, we sharpened our focus and moved faster on key initiatives.”

Paulette Corbin, SVP, In-Flight Service

Delta Airlines

They care about our company

“Setili & Associates is great at energizing and leveraging our internal team. They have a very practical approach, get up to speed quickly on technical issues, and work well with people at all levels. They care about our company, and it shows in the quality of work they do and the relationships they have here. Their focused thought leadership has improved our company’s performance.”

Ross Harding, EVP, Sales

Acuity Specialty Products

Drove us to make some tough decisions…we’re seeing great results

“Setili & Associates was a key part of a critical planning process that led our company to refocus efforts around a core set of businesses and products. Amanda made sure that we stayed fact-based and market-centered. She helped guide and educate our key executives through the process, and provided frameworks to analyze key elements of our strategy. This process drove us to become more focused and to make some tough decisions. We are seeing great results from the new course we pursued, and our management team members have become better strategic thinkers as a result.”

John Heyman, CEO

Radiant Systems

Setili & Associates drives value directly to the income statement

“Setili & Associates has supported our organization for 10 years. What is unique about Amanda is her ability to drive value directly to her client’s income statement and balance sheet. This is no small accomplishment. She has a quick and confident understanding of the nuances that make our business special and a unique ability to harness resources within the organization from the shop floor to the board of directors. Amanda has challenged our strategy, helped us plan for new markets, worked with us to improve organizational performance, and improved profitability. In every case, her exceptional communication skills helped us to generate buy-in and ownership throughout the organization.”

Sam Daniels, CEO

Algonquin Products

Challenged how we think about our business

“Amanda Setili facilitated Canfor’s strategic planning by helping us to quickly determine and clearly communicate manageable priorities. She challenged how we think about our business and provoked ongoing testing of our logic against sound economic return criteria.”

Scott Wilson, CFO

Canfor Corporation

Exceptional results

“Amanda helped us illuminate a path forward that leveraged our capabilities and assets. She asks tough questions to help us think about our business in new ways, and has the experience, dedication and customized approach to help clients achieve exceptional results.”

Jeff Sturm, VP Corporate Development

CheckFree Corporation

We started seeing an impact right away

“Setili & Associates brought new insight on what our competitors were offering, and how our customers were experiencing our stores. They were critical in helping us define five key strategic priorities to become more successful long term. We started seeing an impact on the stores right away.”

Brandon Hayes, Manager, Strategic Business Development

The Home Depot

Drives business value

“Amanda Setili helped our global organization focus our efforts on those initiatives that will drive the greatest business value. I was very impressed with her ability to listen and quickly understand our needs. I will look forward to utilizing her talents in the future.”

Gail Auerbach, SVP, Human Resources

Masonite International


Pushes the envelope in a healthy and positive way

“Setili & Associates is different than other consulting firms in their commitment to not only identify issues and propose solutions, but actually to work through the solution and ensure success. As a client, you know that they have the same level of dedication as you do through implementation and beyond.”

“Amanda and her team understand the importance of engaging team members and key stakeholders at the outset of any project. They value internal expertise and knowledge and integrate very well into the organization at all levels and across multiple disciplines. Client team members feel valued. As a result, Setili & Associates can ask the tough questions and push the envelope in a healthy and positive way.”

Robyn Klein, Managing Director, On-Board Services

Delta Air Lines


Accomplished in months what might have taken years

“Our team accomplished in months what might have taken years without the clear strategic plan that Amanda helped us create. The ROI on our work with her was substantial—in just a few months, we rolled out several successful new products, improved our pricing, established new manufacturing and digital marketing capability, attracted new talent, and reconfigured our supply chain. The unexpected result was that company culture markedly improved. Both accountability and mutual trust are much stronger now, and people come to work enthusiastic, knowing they are part of something bigger than themselves. As CEO, I’m now able to redirect some of my time to exciting new growth priorities on the next horizon, knowing that my team is fully committed to the clear plan we developed together.”

Chris Rescate, CEO

ALP Supply

Exceptional creativity, judgment and insight

“Setili & Associates expertly guided us in making a complex and important decision, which impacted diverse constituencies in our organization of 900 churches and over 350,000 members, and had been troubling us for years. By crisply defining the alternatives, gathering stakeholder input, and assessing financial dimensions and risks, they were able to quickly develop consensus on the best course of action. We appreciated their exceptional creativity, judgment and insight.”

Mike Watson, Bishop

North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church

Improved Productivity, Morale, and Competitiveness

“I had recently been promoted after performing very successfully in a prior position. I was working very hard, yet I wasn’t staying in front of things as well as I wished. Amanda looked at our metrics and how we were managing the business. She met with my direct reports, spread across 21 locations in 12 states, to understand how I could help them be more successful. Together, we put together an action plan to make better use of my time, and to better develop and motivate my team. As a result of our work together, I’ve also gotten better at managing up. I now respectfully challenge ideas, and I’m working more effectively with people at all levels. My division’s morale, productivity and competitiveness have improved substantially.”

John Michalek, Regional Vice President

Harrington Industrial Plastics

Brilliant at strategy

“Amanda Setili is one of the best of the best. She’s brilliant at strategy and organizational development, and has great rapport with senior executives. She knows how to leverage resources to help clients improve performance rapidly.”

Alan Weiss, Author

Million Dollar Consulting and over 30 other books
on Innovation, Strategy and Consulting

Strong technology background…helped us anticipate competitor moves

“We hired Setili & Associates to help us with our online banking strategy.”

“Amanda has a strong technology background, and does her homework. She did a thorough job learning our industry. She interviewed internal sales associates, business leadership, and clients, asking probing questions to get at the facts. She was fast in finding the right people to talk to, and in driving through the interview process.”

“Amanda really creates value, because she does the legwork and comes up with an unbiased opinion. She understood what we wanted to accomplish and dug in. She’s down-to-earth, articulate, and intelligent.”

“Putting together the analysis was something Amanda did extremely well. She’s strong at strategic marketing. She helped us anticipate competitor moves, and developed a view of their pricing that we had not seen before. She helped us define how products in our portfolio should be priced and positioned, identified things we had that our competitors didn’t, and developed a value story that the sales force could use.”

Kim Killingsworth, SVP, Electronic Banking Services

Fiserv, Inc.

Strong thought leadership

“Setili & Associates has provided helpful client service to The Home Depot on several occasions – working in a flexible way across a spectrum of strategic issues. They have played numerous roles (from independent contributor to project manager of larger projects), each time bringing strong thought leadership and problem solving, external perspectives, and outstanding work ethic.”

Hal Lawton, VP Merchandising Finance

The Home Depot


Gets to the root of issues

“Amanda Setili came to me highly recommended by a member of our board of advisors. She was brought in at a time when our company was performing very well, but we wanted to take Halpern Enterprises to the next level, not just in terms of profit and growth, but in terms of creating a fantastic place to work, for all our employees.”

“Amanda proved to be excellent at getting to the root of issues and providing alternative solutions to the challenges we faced.”

“As a result of our work with Amanda, people are energized. They are clear about their roles, goals and future path with the company. They are communicating and collaborating more effectively, and things are more efficient. The atmosphere and morale within the company, which was already good, has gotten even better.”

Jack Halpern, CEO

Halpern Enterprises

Delivers results

“Setili & Associates will guide you through a process to deliver results.”

Mark Graves, President and CEO

Reignmaker Communications


“You really took the time to understand the audience and their needs and it showed. I so appreciate your time and dedication to making us all look so good.”

Jennifer Marlo, Content Director

iMedia Brand Summit

Immeasurably Valuable

“Amanda Setili’s help has been immeasurably valuable to our organization as we work to implement an aggressive strategic plan, in a rapidly changing competitive environment.”

“She helped us zero in on the critical strategic issues, and the key decisions we need to make. Her expertise is both broad and deep, so she’s able to advise across a broad set of issues, and to help us communicate complex issues in common-sense terms. She doesn’t just think through what we should do, she recommends how to engage the organization to get it done.”

“She really cares about our success, and was fast and responsive in helping us resolve any thorny issues we encountered during implementation.”

Brandi Quinn, SVP, Enterprise Reporting



My team has gotten more done in the last 6 months than the past three years

“Amanda helped me to make several important strategic decisions. She was a great thought partner as I worked with my team to get buy-in and put a process in place to manage execution. I refined the role I want to play as the company’s president and co-owner, and made changes in how I spend my time. As a result of our work together, I’ve got a clearer picture of  what our future looks like, and I’m better able to develop my team to achieve that vision. The increased clarity and accountability has resulted in the team getting more done in the last 6 months than we have in the past 3 years”

Peter Ollmann, President and Co-Owner

Hamilton Form

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