Who calls Setili & Associates?

Companies call us when they have one of two problems. They either have a tough, and often ambiguous, strategic problem that crosses several functions. Or, they have an ambitious goal, and want to move on it faster (see quick examples and case studies).

What happens during a typical project?

First, we jointly define objectives for the project — critical issues that need to be addressed, project timing, and exactly what constitutes success.

Next, we’ll map out a plan for achieving those objectives.  We’ll work with you to determine who, from your team, will involved in the process, and how we can jointly meet the objectives as quickly as possible. At this point, we may offer you two or three options for how Setili & Associates can help you. These may range from “light” support, where your team does most of the fact finding and analysis, to a complete solution, where we do external research and analysis, make recommendations, and help as you implement.

In any case, when you engage us, you’ll see we’re different. We’re intensely focused on getting you the results you want.

We don’t bring an army of consultants. We do only the fact finding and analysis that’s needed to get you the right strategic answer.

We’re fast, and we are superb at harnessing the very best thinking from inside your organization.

We bring new insights on customers, competitors, and market trends, and an outside perspective on your distinctive capabilities and potential.

As a result, we develop strategies that are very practical. And as we implement, your people will be clear about their roles, fully committed, and ready to hit the ground running.

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