Innovation and Growth

In Unpredictable Markets, Jump In and Begin to Learn; Amanda Setili

Start Now, But Start Small with New Technologies

3 Questions to Accelerate Business Growth

How to De-Risk Your Innovation Investments

Free Your Employees’ Individuality

Organizational Speed

Don’t Let Your Size Slow You Down

Why Do Companies Move So Slowly When They See the Market Shifting

6 Signs That You’re Growing Fearlessly

Are Your Employees Onboard with Your Strategic Priorities?

Want to grow? Deploy and protect a focused team

Why fast feedback is crucial for agility

Getting in Sync with Customers

How to Keep Growing, Even When Your Entire Industry is Under Pressure

Customers at the Edge Drive Your Future Growth Engine

Building Advantage in Fast Changing Markets

How to Respond When a New Type of Competitor Enters Your Market

How to Move Fast When Your Market Changes

How should small companies adopt the new rules of fearless growth?

Connect and build your ecosystem

Want Strategic Agility®? Fix these three things.

Strategy and Decision Making

How to Prevent Strategy Execution Meltdowns

The six most valuable companies in the world are superb at this — are you?

Generate multiple alternatives to solving each strategic problem

Change the Game, Change the Assumptions

Other Topics

Clients speak about what makes Setili & Associates different

Amanda Setili sat down recently with Focus Atlanta to discuss Fearless Growth. (Long Version)

Amanda Setili sat down recently with Focus Atlanta to discuss Fearless Growth. (Short Version)

Amanda Setili presents at the 2015 iMedia Brand Summit in Amelia Island, Florida.

Why I started the Strategic Agility Think Tank

Market Agility

Exploit micro segments to drive growth

Anticipate market changes by enabling your customers to customize

Don’t become immobilized by changes in your market, capitalize on them

Competitive Strategy

How to get inside your competitor’s head, to anticipate what’s next

Don’t make these three mistakes when responding to competitor moves

Customer Insight

Get customers talking to each other, then listen in

Why are customers using your product?

Gain foresight by observing the daily life of customers


How to spot customers who can fuel your growth

Look outside your industry for new ideas

Do these six things to grow, even when your market is shrinking

Remove product features to add value


Go in stealth mode, to see for yourself

Don’t leave employees wandering in the wilderness

Your employees want to make customers happy – be sure you don’t get in their way

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