Putting an Airline on a Success Trajectory

The Challenge:

Create improved customer experience in an environment of intense competition and deep cost cutting.

The Result:

Improved the customer experience via upgraded aircraft interiors, new in-flight entertainment systems and check-in technology, simplified pricing, new metrics and more.

Client improved on-time performance from nearly the worst to close to the best among the top 20 carriers, and achieved #1 J.D. Power ranking for flight crew service, and number two for overall service.

These improvements were made even while reducing cost to the lowest of all network carriers and dramatically reducing both headcount and payroll costs per employee.

Amanda and her team understand the importance of engaging team members and key stakeholders at the outset of any project…Client team members feel valued.  As a result, Setili & Associates can ask the tough questions and push the envelope in a healthy and positive way. – Robyn Klein, General Manager, International & Premium Products

How We Did It:

Setili & Associates provided coaching, analysis and project leadership, working hands-on with executives across multiple operational units to implement improvements and to build employee commitment.

Delta Air Lines customer experience

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