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Setili's Five Keys to Success for spotting new opportunities, and acting on them quickly.

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Setili Strategic Consulting

We help world-class organizations to achieve lasting performance improvement.

We can help you

Identify emerging business opportunities, and move quickly to capture them.

Anticipate and respond to competitor moves, changes in the market, and new technologies.

Execute top priorities in a more focused way, and accelerate the impact of strategic initiatives.

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What people think of Setili

Todd Lesher

Setili & Associates…helped us get alignment on a new strategic direction in a very short amount of time…it was a huge win-win.


Setili & Associates…knew how to get the most out of our team…the benefits lasted long after the engagement ended.


Setili & Associates…delivers dollars on the bottom line, not just a plan on paper…and gave us the tools so that we could do the work.