Your Employees Should Look Forward to Coming to Work

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As someone who loves my profession, I genuinely look forward to each workday. In fact, there have been many times when it took me by surprise that others don’t feel this way.

When I came across the photo at the top of this newsletter, it reminded me that many individuals move through childhood with a sense of joy, but that this feeling dissipates as they move into adulthood and become more “responsible”. To say this another way, many employees and leaders start believing that work is work, it shouldn’t be fun, and we should all just grind our way through it.

Except that from my own personal experience and from watching my most successful clients, I know that loving your work gives you a significant competitive advantage: you will be more inspired, energetic and engaged. What’s hard for others will be easier for you.

When you lead a team, it all begins with embracing the belief that work can—and should—be fun.

(If you have trouble with the word “fun,” I’m happy if you substitute “energizing” or “highly rewarding”.)

My headline itself—Your Employees Should Look Forward to Coming to Work—is almost like a litmus test for leaders. Those who agree with this statement are much more likely to bring out the best in their team members. Those who disagree are probably supervising the 60% to 70% of Americans who tell Gallup each year that they do not feel engaged at work.

In many of my articles, I offer specific tips. This one is a bit different, as I am focusing on one simple belief and the massive impact it can have if you adopt it: work should be pleasurable.

Please don’t worry… I haven’t suddenly started to wear rose-colored glasses. My perspective is grounded in a fundamental belief that work is a noble pursuit that supports many of our strongest needs and drives. It can give us purpose, pride, satisfaction and impact.

A true leader understands this and invests time, money and effort in making their workplace a positive and rewarding environment.

If I can ever be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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