Three Options for Consultants

We offer three options for consultants. Regardless of which you choose, we’re flexible in the way we work with you, and the frequency and style is up to you. You may choose to call Amanda on a regular basis, correspond via e-mail, set up in-person meetings, or use a combination of the three. We return most phone calls within two hours, and written correspondence within 24 hours.

Option 1: Setili Private Coaching Program

The Setili Private Coaching Program provides six months of unlimited access to Amanda by e-mail, phone or Facetime. You’ll receive both strategic advice (how to set fees, how to gain visibility, how to position and market your practice, etc.) and tactical input (what to say at the meeting tomorrow, how to improve your proposals, overcoming objections, etc.).

Admission is limited and available only to qualified candidates. If there are no openings, there is a “first come, first served” waiting list.

Option 2: Guided Program

Some individuals who prefer a highly structured relationship with additional accountability for meeting their goals may qualify for the Guided Program. In this version of the program, we choose areas that are of the highest priority to you and create a detailed game plan with specific completion dates. We will schedule contact times to discuss accomplishments, any obstacles you’re facing, and how to surmount those obstacles.

The areas in which we can work with you may include contacting prospects, developing publicity materials, creating a book proposal, writing articles, writing a book, securing speaking engagements, developing a website, managing the referral process, setting up networking events, creating a brand, establishing products, etc. We generally choose about four or five, then create a calendar with specific tasks and completion dates.

Amanda can also advise you on the best consulting approaches to achieve superb client results, and can help you address any roadblocks you encounter during client engagements.

The Guided Program is recommended for those at any career level who would like increased structure, who require more urgency in creating results, or who want in-depth help in specific areas. The program normally spans a six-month time frame.

Option 3: Total Immersion Program

For people who want to “jump-start” the process, we offer the Total Immersion. This consists of one-two days with Amanda, to learn how we handle clients, prospects, office management, newsletters, invoicing, interruptions, writing, proposals, etc. We also spend considerable time on your strategy and goals and create plans to move forward. We recommend that the days be split whenever possible, with one about 90 days after the other. This program can be combined with mentoring for a period of six months as you grow your practice and consulting brand.

Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend as much of the discussions as they like. We’ll dine together and also have some conversation and “downtime.”

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